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1. Title and extent of operation of the Code.
2. Punishment of offences committed within India.
3. Punishment of offences committed beyond, but which by law may be tried within, India.
4. Extension of Code to extra-territorial offences.
5. Certain laws not to be affected by this Act.

6. Definitions in the Code to be understood subject to exceptions.
7. Sense of expression once explained.
8. Gender.
9. Number.
10. “Man”. “Woman”.
11. “Person”.
12. “Public”.
13. [Omitted.].
14. “Servant of Government”.
15. [Repealed.].
16. [Repealed.].
17. “Government”.
18. “India”.
19. “Judge”.
20. “Court of Justice”.
21. “Public servant”.
22. “Moveable property”.
23. “Wrongful gain”.
“Wrongful loss”.
Gaining wrongfully/ Losing wrongfully.
24. “Dishonestly”.
25. “Fraudulently”.
26. “Reason to believe”.
27. Property in possession of wife, clerk or servant.
28. “Counterfeit”.
29. “Document”.
29A. “Electronic record”.
30. “Valuable security”.
31. “A will”.
32. Words referring to acts include illegal omissions.
33. “Act”.
34. Acts done by several persons in furtherance of common intention.
35. When such an act is criminal by reason of its being done with a criminal knowledge or intention.
36. Effect caused partly by act and partly by omission.
37. Co-operation by doing one of several acts constituting an offence.



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